Work Experience

Senior Software Developer

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Portsmouth, NH

Apr. 2017 – Present

Joined a small team to build out a web application that enabled Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance customers to check the status of their property related claims. This application was written in ReactJS, NodeJS, and leveraged GraphQL and MongoDB. We measured the success of this project with the number of decreased phone calls from customers wanting to check their claim status. Worked to increase performance for the application resulting in a 33% reduction in build time by optimizing the way dependencies were loaded and configured.

Participated in on boarding and transferring application knowledge of four projects to new teams that were ramping up. This transition was successfully completed in 30 days for over 12 developers and 8 different code bases.

Joined a large integration team that focused on an application to allow Liberty Mutual Agents to create, modify, and issue quotes to customers for insurance. This project comprised of a AngularJS front end and a Java back end. This project comprised of a large Git repository that more than 9 teams worked on across the organization.

Mentor associate and junior developers on a daily basis. Participate in project management tasks on a scrum agile platform. Participated on a small handpicked team to become subject matter experts on Extreme Programming to use alongside Scrum and train other teams about these practices.

Joined a development enablement team that creates tools and software to enable developers to write APIs and UIs faster. Tools are given to development teams with a full test suite, best practices, and CIDI pipeline configured. Along with creating tools for developers I also spend 25-30% of my time performing presentations and trainings to other development teams in Liberty Mutual.

Have lead efforts to enable development teams to leverage the cloud converting their applications to run in Amazon Web Services.


Software Developer

Solectria Renewable

Lawrence, MA

Nov. 2016 – Apr. 2017

Worked on a platform written in PHP that allowed customers to check the status and power consumption of their solar panels. This application relied heavily on a large scale MySQL with more than 15 years’ worth of data. Not long after starting, I took over as project manager for this project and ran daily standups, sprint planning, and ceremonies.

Worked on and streamlined the hosting infrastructure of the applications. Successfully negotiated and brought down server costs and project managed multiple server moves to new hardware in the company’s leased data center. Was able to complete the server move project in just under one month saving the company more than $10,000. Taught team on how to best utilized Amazon Web Services to streamline future projects to come.

Created a NodeJS and AngularJS application to be used on solar panel inverters that were sold to customer. This application gave customers the ability to login to their inverters in the field to update settings. This application was set up through a Jenkin CIDC pipeline to be automatically published to all sold inverters on a schedule.

Created a NodeJS and AngularJS application that allowed the company’s customer support to securely gain access to the inverters that were sold to customers to remotely troubleshoot. Application utilized openvpn technology to create secure SSL tunnel between portal and inverter.

Reason for leaving: Decided to move on from the company because of the daily commute.


Director of Technical Development / Developer

Wedü Inc

Manchester, NH

Feb. 2014 – Nov. 2016

Built and maintained medium to large-scale websites and applications. These websites and applications followed custom business logic to meet the business’s needs. These range from portfolio, informational, subscription based and e-commerce sites. Work with designers to bring a PSD to life and functional. Worked with project managers and clients to build to a specific technical requirement document. Programming languages used were PHP (Codeigniter), HTML, CSS (SASS), Javascript, MySQL, JQuery, MustacheJS, AngularJS, FuelCMS, WordPress, and Expression Engine.

Oversaw 6-7 person development team and participated in proposal and new business meetings. Worked with employees on their career development plans and reviews. Participated in a sales engineering role working with client on their business needs and how the company could achieve them from a technical perspective.

Oversaw all hosting services consisting of over 50 servers in two data centers / infrastructure and IT services. Project managed and architected data center move of over 30 servers to new data center located in Texas.


Front End Web Developer

Manchester, NH

May. 2012 – Feb. 2014

Developing semantic front-end code, utilizing various testing tools for reducing page load time, A/B testing, WordPress, Google Analytics, developing new features and different ways to make run more efficiently and improve the user experience for the 2 million visitors a month. Developer user application along with agile functions for creating forms. Currently in the process of rebuilding Implemented Marketo API into’s custom CMS system and built additional functionality into Marketo API.